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Tuvin Associates, founded by Carl Tuvin, is a top Washington, DC based government affairs consulting & lobbying firm with experience and expertise representing corporate, association, and Non-Profit group clients before the Executive and Legislative branches of both the federal and state governments. The combined experience of its lobbyists and principals, Carl Tuvin and Jim Kuhn, spans several decades. Over a period of 36 years, Tuvin Associates has represented past and current clients comprising a myriad of key industries such as motion pictures, telecommunications, health care, environment and veteran affairs. In this capacity, Tuvin Associates assists clients in introducing their organizations and issues to senior government officials, Members of Congress and the media. Tuvin Associates also aides in the distribution of educational materials and establishment of grass-roots lobbying efforts via our proprietary Grassroots Lobbying Technology. The principals of Tuvin Associates give clients personalized service and directly assist in the designing of Legislative and political strategy, and the implementation of the resulting plans.

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  • Sunday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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